Delivery plan

Section 3: Delivery plan

This section contains high level objectives which will be taken forward collaboratively on behalf of the Regional Partnership Board over the coming period. Where possible links are provided to more detailed implementation plans. These detailed plans may change over time and we will refresh our Plan regularly to reflect these changes.

Indicative timescales for delivery of our objectives are also provided, with ‘short term’ meaning a timescale of 1 to 2 years and ‘medium term’ 3 to 5 years. Again these timescales may be modified over time and any changes reflected as the Plan is refreshed.


Prevention stage 1

Stay well and independent within the community.


Prevention stage 2

Maintain independence through provision of targeted support that prevents the need for people to be admitted to hospital or long-term residential care, or supports timely discharge.


Prevention stage 3

Provision of appropriate, outcomes-focused long-term care and support.

Monitoring Delivery

The RPB will receive regular updates on the delivery of the Plan and, where appropriate, supporting implementation plans. Regional outcomes and performance measures will be used as a basis for tracking progress. Opportunities will be taken to refresh the Plan, for example where national policy developments require a new approach and where initial activities have been completed and need to proceed onto the next stage.

Regular updates will be available on the West Wales Care Partnership’s website

The RPB’s Annual Reports will also update on progress with implementation.