Area Plan

How we have structured our Area Plan

Section 1: Overview

This section provides information on statutory requirements in relation to the production of Area Plans, the West Wales Care Partnership and its priorities and the approach we took to developing our Plan.

Section 2: Summary of issues by population group

This section summarises key findings within the Population Assessment in relation to different population groups and the gaps and areas for improvement we identified. For each of these we highlight the relevant objectives within our Delivery Plan or, where appropriate, reference separate plans through which those specific issues are being addressed.

Section 3: Delivery plan

This section contains high level objectives which will be taken forward collaboratively on behalf of the Regional Partnership Board over the coming period. Where possible links are provided to more detailed implementation plans. These detailed plans may change over time and we will refresh our Plan regularly to reflect these changes. Where detailed plans are not currently in existence, we will provide further information when available. Indicative timescales for delivery of our objectives are also provided, with ‘short term’ meaning a timescale of 1 to 2 years and ‘medium term’ 3 to 5 years.

Our Area Plan is also available as a PDF document